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  • A 1000 views??!???
    Thank youuuuuu all from the bottom of my heart for supporting my scribbles!!! Find loads of love and good wishes coming your way! I finally decided to overcome my fear of social media, explore myself and get inspired. Hence started the Instagram handle which goes by the name “simiismail_“ I suppose internet is actually aContinue reading “A 1000 views??!???”
  • Why didn’t I react this time?
    For those who don’t know who Priya Ramani is..well she is the indian journalist who came out against a co-worker, her then boss, and won the case as well. The whole process included a lot of mud slinging which got dirtier with each passing day. The news is not very outdated. But when it hitContinue reading “Why didn’t I react this time?”
  • I belong nomore
    Which caste are you? He asked.I dont have a caste. I replied.He did not see this coming.From someone who was alwaysAfraid to raise her voiceOr opinionate on somethingWhy do I need a caste?What has it done for me?Well. They protect you.You get a belongingness.And? I asked.And he went away.It’s no use telling you these things.HeContinue reading “I belong nomore”
  • Thank YOU for those views!!!
    Means a lot lot lot!!!! Thank You!!!!babaMooi quotes series are musings really close to my heart. And they reflect my true self. Help me accept and start being comfortable with how my mind works and feels and expresses itself. Some have the potential to actually cause agitations!! Very recently, I started an Instagram handle whichContinue reading “Thank YOU for those views!!!”
  • Those Love Handles!
    I wish I could explore more about an individual’s freedom of dressing up (or dressing down?!). I end up all confused whenever I dive into this particular topic. So welcome to a corner of my world of confusions today! Let’s get confused together! A white man in a local Indian textile shop grabs everyone’s attentionContinue reading “Those Love Handles!”
  • Funny Sister in Hurry
    Sister? Why are you always in hurry? Chill! Train is at 9.15 right? We start by 8.15! We ll reach there like butter! was the annoying reply of our usual auto driver guy when I asked him for pick up by 7.30. Now, there are certain things I prefer to gulp down considering the situationContinue reading “Funny Sister in Hurry”
  • The Beaming Man
    People flocked around him patting his shoulders and shaking hands with him. Giving him congratulatory compliments on his newly built house. I could see his eyes beaming with pride while he smiled. Beside him his shy and petite mother proudly whispered- and thus I distributed the land equally among my 3sons! I looked around. ItContinue reading “The Beaming Man”
  • That Beaten Woman
    While conversing with a guy at the swimming classes, I ended up answering his back to back questions and eventually revealing my story to him. The next day he introduced me to his poolmate, and gave a hint about my background to her. That this woman is a divorcee and is a mother of two.Continue reading “That Beaten Woman”
  • A Mother’s Love Journey
    I think I am strong. I have been through a lot. And I have managed to survive without hurting my soul. Or letting things change the very me. I am still kind. I still love myself. And care for my mental health. I protect myself still. Not let anyone harm me deep. I still manageContinue reading “A Mother’s Love Journey”
  • Miss Dress Well
    I have always been someone who put in that extra effort to look good. Be it my hands and my nails. Be it my eyes. My skin. My hair. My feet. My footwear. And then there came a time when I decided to take things up by a notch.Enter, the craziest and wildest undergarments oneContinue reading “Miss Dress Well”